Something From The Archives!

Back in 1984/85, when I was 17, I wrote some articles for ‘Stardust’, the journal of the Irish Astronomical Association. I’d totally forgotten about this until I found myself rifling through some boxes in the garage of my mother’s house and amazingly unearthed them! They need to be read through the lens of 35 years having passed, but I thought I’d reproduce scanned copies of the articles here for posterity.

 Subjects covered are lunar exploration, the search for extra-terrestrial life and building a Dobsonian telescope, enjoy!

The Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence - Autumn 1984

ET cover.jpg
ET Page 1.jpg
ET Page 2.jpg
ET Page 3.jpg
ET Page 4.jpg
ET Page 5.jpg

Exploration of the Moon - Spring 1985

Lunar 1.jpg
Lunar 2.jpg
Lunar 3.jpg
Lunar 4.jpg
Lunar 5.jpg
Lunar 6.jpg

How To Build A Dobsonian Telescope - Spring 1984

Dobsonian cover.jpg
Dobsonian 1.jpg
Dobsonian 2.jpg
Dobsonian 3.jpg
Dobsonian 4.jpg